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Quan San Healing
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About Me
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My Business Philosophy

My aim is to provide a healing service that will leave you wanting to learn the processes and to become a teacher in Quan San Healing.
Also, as a supplier of candles, crystals, incense and gift tags, to make your journey easier to get to where you are going.
With your help, as the customer, I will strive to do the best that I can do, and assist you to be the best that you can be.

My Employees

My employees are my daughter Evelynne, aged 10, and my partner Steve.
Between both of these people I have had the support and the courage to venture into my own business.

About Me...

My name is Christine.
I am in love with my life and family.
It wasnt always like that.
Once I was an alcoholic, a drug addict and a smoker. My path was one of destruction. I would not listen to anybody, esp. family, what did they know!!
This went on for years, destroying myself, and those around me, I couldnt see it. It was all about me! No-one else mattered!!
  I stopped drinking, only because I could no longer stomach the drink, who wants to pay for alcohol when you cant keep it down, my body had started to shut down.
Then in the wee hours of a Sunday morning on August 8th 1993, my daughter was born. Nothing prepared me for motherhood. I then had to think about my chosen path.
I had given up heroin and speed while I was pregnant and was planning to start again. But this small little bundle affected me in such a way I couldnt do it.
She needed me more than anything. Was I prepared to give it all up for the things that made my life sane. There was only 1 answer YES.
Jumping to 1999, her first year at school, I met a parent who had the same ideals as myself. we had hit it off straight away. Gabby is now my best friend and mentor. Always got something to say, always in your face type, (for the right reasons).
A couple of years later she asked me if I wanted to try meditation, as I am always depressed, I said that I would try it. That was the beginning of my present path that I am on now.
I met Linda on my first night of meditation,

Our Shop

Here is a picture of our shop.

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