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Quan San Healing

About Me
About Me
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Me and Mine

My Helpers 
My helpers are my 13yr old daughter, Evelynne
and my partner Steve. Through both, I have the
loving support that anybody could long for.

This is Evelynne

About me
I got into meditation after a long fight with alcohol and other little problems. Now I teach The Quan San Healing Method to those who feel they need something or someone in their lives.

Our Goals
Our goals are to help and assist, when necessary, people who have come to us for help. This could be in the way of a healing, crystals, or just a cup of coffee and a chat. Either way the client knows what they want. It is the client that will decide what they need.

All of this has been made possible by two very good friends.
Gabby who introduced me to meditation. For that I love her dearly.
And to Linda, who taught me the meditation and the Quan San Healing Method.
Without the help and support of these two people I could never of overcome most of my problems and addictions.
They never judged me, they just cared for me just the way I am.
For that, words can never really say enough.
I Love You Both